Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
Facilities and Services

(Cologne, Germany)

Cologne Bonn Airport is the gateway to the important cities of Cologne and Bonn in western Germany, handling an impressive 9.5 million annual passengers through its two, well-equipped terminal buildings. The terminals are very well laid out and lie adjacent to one another, with car parks in the centre and a built-in railway station.

Money facilities include full-service banks and ATM machines as well as bureaux de change. Terminal 2 handles the majority of flights and has the bulk of the airport's facilities including postal, left luggage and lost property services. Shopping and eating options are very good in both terminals.

Airport Information Desks

Tel: +49 220 340 4001/2
Both terminals at Cologne Bonn Airport have information desks, where staff are helpful and courteous, and can provide information on the airport, flights, accommodation options in Cologne and Bonn, and transportation information. The information desk in Terminal 1 is located in between areas B and C in Departures and in Departures Area D in Terminal 2. Some useful numbers include:

Airport Main Switchboard - +49 220 3400
Airport Information Desk - +49 220 340 4001/2
Airport Parking - +49 22 03 / 40 2116
Conference Centre - +49 22 03 / 95 59 00

Shops, Duty-Free and Retail Outlets

Duty-free shops can be found in both terminals in their respective departures lounges as well as in the Arrivals Hall of Terminal 1. In addition, there are many other shops throughout the airport including a supermarket and a delicatessen in Terminal 2 Arrivals.

Bars, Cafés and Restaurants

Both terminals are well equipped with eateries including snack bars, fast-food outlets, cafés and full-service restaurants throughout the Arrivals and Departures areas. The buffet-bars in Arrivals and Departures are open 24 hours for those flying from Terminal 2 late at night or early in the morning.

Currency Exchange, Communications and Banking Facilities

Banks, cash machines and bureaux de change can be found throughout the airport in both terminals, while Terminal 2 also has postal facilities. Public telephones are located throughout both terminals and phone card machines can also be found in the departures area of Terminal 1 (areas B and C).

Business and Conference Facilities

Cologne Bonn Airport is well equipped with business and conference facilities, with several rooms for hire at the Stockheim Conference Centre on the third floor of Terminal 1; office and IT equipment is available here. In addition, the nearby Holiday Inn Conference Centre, located on the airport grounds, also has commendable business facilities.

Disabled Facilities

Disabled facilities at Cologne Bonn Airport are good and include adapted toilets in both terminals as well as specially adapted telephones in high-traffic areas and on-demand wheelchairs. Those passengers requiring extra assistance with getting about the airport should notify their respective airline prior to travelling to the airport.

Cologne Airport CGN

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